Want a vacation? Here’s why you should consider a rapid travel loan

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Has the pandemic been holding you back over the past few years? Or have you been eyeing up the holiday season for the trip of a lifetime? Either way, having enough funds to enjoy your holiday to the fullest is a must. The great news is that you can! If you don’t have enough money right when you need it, a vacation loan or travel loan may be the perfect option for you!

What is a Vacation Loan?

A vacation or holiday loan is an easy way to get the funds you need for your planned trip. Like most loans, you will get a lump sum up front to spend as you please on holiday, and then you pay it back with interest once you’re back. Holiday loans can cover transportation, hotels, rental cars and other travel-related expenses. 

Should you get a travel loan?

Vacation loans by no means signify a free allowance for your holiday. On the contrary, paying interest over the life of the loan means the overall cost of your trip will increase. 

However, a loan may be your only option if you’re faced with a business trip or emergency travel, or you have had some unforeseen expenses in the lead-up to your trip. Some people also consider a vacation loan worthwhile if they unexpectedly have the free time to take the journey of a lifetime!

Benefits of a travel loan

You can time your vacation when it suits you

Despite your best saving efforts, unexpected costs can occur throughout the year, leaving your travel fund dry and stopping your holiday plans in their tracks. Taking out a travel loan allows you to choose your vacation timing without worrying about aligning it with payday.

Less concern about overspending

One of the most significant benefits of a holiday loan is easing any underlying worries about your card declining. The peace of mind will make your holiday that much better!

You can have your dream honeymoon

You may have just had an amazing wedding experience after taking out a MoneyShop wedding loan, or you may have spent large allocations of savings towards creating the perfect day; most people end up going over their initial wedding budget!

Honeymoons can be just as important as your wedding. You can make your dream honeymoon a reality, even if you don’t have the funds together just yet, with a vacation loan to see you through.

Organise your holiday loan today with MoneyShop

If you want to apply for a travel loan, we make the process as easy and stress-free as possible! With competitive rates, streamlined online service, and helpful loan information, the MoneyShop team are known as New Zealand’s most trustworthy loan providers. Contact our friendly team if you want to talk about small or large fast loan options.