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Investor F.A.Q

Combined Shape

Your investment is for the length of the loan. It will take approx. 18 months for the return of capital.

Yes for the term of the loan.

Moneyshop can only accept deposits from qualifying wholesale investors , under the FMCA, who have a net worth in excess of $5million or who invest $750,000 or more.

MoneyShop provides a peer-to-peer lending service. Moneyshop is not a licenced peer-to-peer lender under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 Act.

The investor will receive interest and capital on a monthly basis regardless of whether the borrower pays MoneyShop. Investors are encouraged to take independent financial advice.

Interest and capital on all loans is paid monthly in arrears. Investors have the option of reinvesting interest or having it paid out to their nominated bank account on a weekly basis.

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